Choosing a laptop videocard to program with

I am about to buy a new laptop. Originally I got a fujitsu lifebook with an ATI rage card. It was hopeless and the dealer has agreed to swap it. Which card should I have to allow me to write good opengl programs?
ATI cards in most mobiles seem to be the radeon mobility but does this fully support opengl. Would a geforce go be better?
Any help appreciated

Well im not sure of all the choices, but my compaq presario 705US, has a S3-Twister, with 16mg of video memory. It does just fine with my opengl needs. Both in programming and with game play. Now it dosnt touch the levels that my voodoo 5 kicks out, but it seems to get the job done.


I have a Dell Latitude with the following “ATI RAGE Mobility M1”. It works ok for me but I am just an OpenGL beginner. If I had my wish, I would get one of the newer Dells with a Geforce2go video processor.

I would prefer gefoce2go for such use