ChoosePixelFormat and Debugger issues

I’m debugging some pretty small OpenGL apps, and the ChoosePixelFormat function (among others) is causing VC6 to halt in some assembly code somewhere (like it hit a breakpoint). I can hold down the F5 key to keep continuing, but this becomes extremely painful since there are a ton of these ‘breakpoints’, and I usually end up continuing past a breakpoint I really wanted to stop on. And on VC5 it actually crashes MSDEV in the same situation. Release mode works fine on both.

I saw that MS has some access violation bugs (NOO!) in W95/98 in the gdi relating to this, but they just mention first chance exceptions, which wouldn’t bother me. I don’t know if this is related, but they say the bug is benign, and I don’t consider crashing MSDEV any small issue.

Soooo, is there any solution to this besides using D3D (probably their goal)? I can’t debug in this sort of environment. Is there any way to replace a few dlls (I’ll try anything, I don’t care if I need to reformat later) or something? Or somehow set VC to NOT stop in these functions? I don’t know if its stopping on the access violation and if there’s maybe a way to tell it not to.

Thanks. Getting extremely frustrated.

Do you use Asus drivers?

They have some anti-debugging stuff in them.

Yes I am. Its a Geforce MX400 card. So this is an Asus issue? Geez, what’s their problem. I’ll have to try and drop them a letter. Stupid Asus.