Chipsets supporting OpenGL (not the ES)

Are there and embedded chipsets supporting the OpenGL for desktops (not the OpenGL ES)? If someone knows any chipset that is small and supports OpenGL, please feel free to send the manufacturer.

I believe that only NVIDIA’s mobile chipsets (Tegra) and drivers have support for desktop OpenGL. I don’t think any other mobile chipset makers bother with desktop GL support.

Note that ES 3.2 is pretty close (in functionality) to desktop GL 4.6. It isn’t terribly difficult to write desktop GL code in 4.6 core that works on ES 3.2.

Alfonse has a good point. But in case it might help, let me ask: why do you want this? Is it to test code you dev for an embedded chipset on the desktop? If so, there are several simple solutions involving desktop OpenGL ES support.

Well, we have been developing a Linux desktop operating system for VR devices. And we want all the regular desktop apps to run without any additional change or recompiling them.

Basically, we need hardware for extensive support for modern APIs for graphical capabilities (i.e. OpenGL, OpenVX, OpenCL, ) for near-mainline Linux kernels.

I see. Have you done any mobile GPU development? If not, I would strongly suggest doing some reading and dev testing on one. You’ll find that mobile GPUs and drivers have a very different processing pipeline and performance characteristics that virtually demand different usage at the OpenGL ES / OpenGL level to achieve exceptional performance.

But to your specific question, no, I have no first hand experience with mobile GPU drivers which natively support OpenGL and not OpenGL ES.

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