Check Your Card

Hallo all
After spending two weeks pulling my hair out, reading every forum I could get my hands on and leaving messages, downloading latest drivers, formatting disk, re-installing windows, updating chipset and downloading latest version of DirectX9. Nearly giving up because there was no answer in sight, I took PC in to find that I had a faulty graphics card that worked with everything except OpenGL. The card was replaced with the same type and everything worked perfectly. Nvidia Geforce 2 MX400. I am now having great fun with MOHAA and wish that I had checked this sooner.

Check your card before attempting too much troubleshooting.

Many thanks to VC6-OGL for all the help.

Happy Gaming


Check your card, and make sure you have up-to-date OpenGL drivers. Also, you can download an OpenGL Setup with all the Header Files, Library’s, and DLLs for Runtime Application Creation and for playing games from BlueDev , my new website.

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