Charger un fichier blender

Comment charger un modèle crée sous Blender ?
y a-til du code gpl pour cela ?

tu crois que c’est en posant ta question en Francais que quelqu’un va te repondre ?

et oh, désolé !!

je n’ai pas fait gaffe !

ché pas, toi t’as compris ma question, mais ya pas de réponse !!!

please write in english, its a sign of disrespect to others if not everyone can understand you IMO.


Oops just saw that another posting of you I take my words back, sorry


So, the question was : How to export objects from blender. Is there gpl code for this ?

The answer is : unfortunately, blender’s ‘.obj’ files have no documented format, they are crude copy of memory structures that are subject to change (and actually change) from one version to another. The only solution is to use a python script.
There exists severall scripts to handle exporting to various format (such as vrml). Download them from You can also write your own since the python scripting API is documented.

voilà voilà…

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