Character Animation

Hi all;

I wated to run this by u guys and get some input. Im trying to write my own 3d file format. And want to know how i should handle animated objects (such as humanoid character).

I was thinking of having frames such as in the .ASC files (i dont know how to do skining and skeletal animation at the mo “links for this would help”) and load this into an array frames[x] where each element is a vertex array.

Is there a better why of doing this (at present i do not wish to think about skeletal anim i am only interested in writing a file format that can handle animation)

ASC already exists so why bother!! I know, this is the angle i have choseen to tackle the learning curve.

any input will be appreciated.



I don’t know many thing about character’s animation but if u want to use the key-frame method, u’ll need to blend or interpolate two frames in order to make the animation smoother … for examples, Quake2 uses key-frame and all character’s animations are at 10 fps, only 10 frames for an animation as shooting, jumping … but JC added frame blending of course.