Changing Style of Glut-Window

Hi !!

I run a OpenGL/GLUT program in fullscreen mode
and want to create some kind of dialog window without close/minimze/maximize buttons.

Is that possible ??
At the moment I use glutCreateWindow, but I can’t find a way to hide these buttons.

Thx. for any help.


That is one of the limitations of using GLUT is that it only supports basic windows calls, you may want to look at some other tool kit for opening windows. is one that comes to mind.

Another option would be for you to make your own dialog boxes, would not be to hard to do. Most games use their own routines for user input.

And since your in full screen mode anyway, I think this would work well for you. Then you can style you dialog boxes anyway you want.

Also I think there is even a glut helper API that may even do this.

switch (OS) {
case linux:
read above post;
case windows:
glutFullScreen(); // I think it removes everything
sorry don’t know. Try googling.

Hi again,

my problem is, that I started to use GLUI for user input and GLUI is based on GLUT.

Is there anything like GLUI, perhaps with some
more controls, for SDL ? (os independce is required)


I’m not really sure. I think Borland’s Kylix offers some cross-platform capabilities but it might have problems. Other than that I don’t know. Maybe you could try building the interface yourself. It might not look as good as glui but it might be faster.