changing scenes

hi again!!all of you are so great that i post questions from the past months, every day.i now found out the site and it is very cool!!!
i want to make a scene where things happen: rotations movements e.t.c and then after a while change the scene and render an other one totally new(yes like a demo :eek: )))) and continue that way.
thanks …

what is your question exaclty?

Hmm, that should be nothing more than removing geometric data A and replacing it with geometric data B, perhaps after a certain amount of time has passed? I’m not sure what you mean by “changing scenes” because all you really need to do is change your geometric information and you’ll have a new scene. Something like (just an example):

start demo
-render first scene
-after certain amount of time
–clear first scene
–load next scene

Is that what you mean?

start = GetTickCount();

when the demo starts, then on your scene’s use:

end = GetTickCount();

then :


that will get you the amount of seconds from the begining to the actual time, on your main drawing scene you can do something like:

if(elapsed>=160) //160seconds from the begining
else if (elapsed>=80) //80seconds from the begining

to switch between scenes,

i was asking exactly what zukko answered good people out there!!!
thanks a lot one more time…now i have a lot of coding to do. may the main() be with you

zukko’s method will certainly work. For your application this may be the way to go. However one thing to be aware of is that this approach requires a seperate function for each scene you want to generate (or some other method of branching).

In a scenario where scene changes are not so out of the ordinary, a scene graph should be used.
This is basically a structure that maintains a list of all objects in your scene. You could update this list of objects rather than writing a seperate render function for each scene.

this way you make one call to SceneGraph::Render() and the scene graph iterates through its list rendering all objects in your scene.

if you want to change the scene, you simply load a different list of objects into the scene graph.

glad to serve!