Changing gl settings GLOBALLY

hi all
i need help with something
i was wodering how could i change gl settings globally. e.g. say i wanted to disale stuff like “GL_DEPTH_TEST” for all my applications under windows. i mean, these services will be completely unavailable. how would i do that?

Why would you like to do this?


Or take glTrace as a foundattion for a wrapper dll which doesn’t enable depth test if the app requests.

i want to completely disable them…
glDisable disables them only on your current stuff.
i mean no applications will be able to access them

OpenGL has a set of granted functionality which is defined by the OpenGL specs.
There’s no simple way for a user to remove some of this. Just forget it.

I bet he wants to cheat at Counterstrike or something.

Implement your own gl32.dll, and swap it out with the one in ($WindowsRoot)/system32.

its for my 3d animation stuff…i can disable GL_depth_test in 3ds max so i thought renderring the thginy in gl and disableing those oengl stuff would help

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