Changing color using a shader


I am writing a deferred shader and as one of the first steps, to get familiar with GLSL and using shaders and the framebuffer I am trying to change the color of a mesh through a shader.
I have it linked to one of the buffers by calling glDrawBuffers with an array that holds the attachement and then binding the texture to my framebuffer:

        GLint color_loc = glGetFragDataLocation(pass_prog,"out_Color");
        GLenum draws [1];
        draws[color_loc] = GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENT0;
        glDrawBuffers(1, draws);

        glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, diffuseTexture);    
        glFramebufferTexture(GL_FRAMEBUFFER, draws[color_loc], diffuseTexture, 0);

I have an out_Color variable in my fragment shader (otherwise it wouldn’t even compile), but I can’t manage to change the color of the mesh by setting it through that variable inside the shader.
Does anyone has any idea why and could explain that to me?


Can we look at your shader too to see how u r writing to the out_Color .

Here is my fragment shader:

#version 330

uniform float u_Far;

in vec3 fs_Normal;
in vec4 fs_Position;

out vec4 out_Normal;
out vec4 out_Position;
out vec4 out_Color;

void main(void)
    out_Normal = vec4(normalize(fs_Normal),0.0f);
	out_Position = vec4(,1.0f); //Tuck position into 0 1 range
	out_Color = vec4(1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f);//first three diffuse, last specular

Could u try this. After you program is compiled, add this line and then link your program.

glBindFragDataLocation(pass_prog, 0, “out_Color”);

This will connect the out_Color to the 0th color attachment. Then use the following calls.

glBindFramebuffer( GL_DRAW_FRAMEBUFFER, framebufferId );
glFrameBufferTexture( GL_DRAW_FRAMEBUFFER, GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENT0, diffuseTexture, 0 );

See if this helps.

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