Changes to Vulkan category on the community forums

The Vulkan group have recently been evaluating the various ways developers can get help with Vulkan or communicate with the group. We now have more methods than ever to achieve this but recognise that the forum has long been a place to get longer form and more detailed help. However, the reality is that traffic is quite low overall despite the dedicated community here and the Vulkan group is more available on other channels of communication such as the Slack or GitHub.

To better serve the Vulkan community we have merged the Vulkan sub-forums in to a single category and improved the available tags. This change is aimed at making it easier for developers to post and answer questions. Many of the sub forums have not had activity for a long time and are likely overly fragmenting the forum versus having tags. We are hoping this change will drive more posts and conversation to a single place and avoid confusing first time visitors on where to post.

We are also considering other methods to increase activity on the forum and will update the community here when something is ready.

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