change TRANSPARENT default value?

current defaultvalues:
TRANSPARENT RGB(0.0 0.0 0.0)

would be better:

TRANSPARENT RGB(1.0 1.0 1.0)

because so you can animate TRANSPARENCY or simply set TRANSPARENCY to e.g. 0.3 without having to export TRANSPARENT

-> if we do nat change the defaultvalues, the actual max exporter (23.9.2005) does not work correctly because TRANSPARENT is not set on transmarent materials

I agree with the problem. Although, I’m not sure we should change the COLLADA default values to fix it. The reverse thinking could be said of Maya that exports only the TRANSPARENT color and doesn’t particularly care about the TRANSPARENCY value. Instead, I’ll modify the exporter to always export TRANSPARENT RGB(1,1,1), so that the TRANSPARENCY factor really determines the opacity.

It is noted down and It should make it to the next version of the Max C++ exporter.

Guillaume Laforte
Feeling Software Inc