CgToGLSL Conditioner released

I just released the CgToGLSL Conditioner 0.9 which is a plugin for the COLLADA Refinery framework. This conditioner creates a profile_GLSL version out of your favorite profile_CG effect. While the COLLADA-DOM takes care of the dae-Document, NVIDIA’s CGC compiles the Cg code into a GLSL version using the GLSL vertex and fragment profiles (available since Cg 1.5).

Additionally I wrote a quick patch of the current OpenSceneGraph COLLADA reader which loads the first pass of the first technique of a COLLADAFX profile_GLSL effect. OpenSceneGraph is a cross-platform multithreaded scenegraph-API heavily based on the OpenGL API.
You’ll also find some dae-examples on the sourceforge-home (those are uploaded in OWL as well).

Next to the sources, I also uploaded a pre-built DLL version which was built against the COLLADA Refinery 2.01 binary distribution. So if you are using the binary-packaged Refinery you might simply copy the pre-built DLL, install Cg 1.5, and voila, have the conditioner installed.

The experimental OSG- COLLADA Plugin is also available at the sourceforge-site. Next to the sources, you can download a DLL that’s built against the last official OSG 1.2 WIN32 binary package as well. So actually, you don’t have to bother about compiling anything to try out the Conditioner and the translated files in the OpenScenGraph Viewer application (at least in WinXP).

Having COLLADAFX examples with profile_GLSL is now just a matter of converting them via the conditioner. API’s or Engines not wanting to implement Cg might take an advantage out of this.

For more details on the conditioner and the experimental profile_GLSL reader, you can look at the documentation found in the sourceforge-files.

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