Cgfx and glsl documentation

hello, ( i am bad speak engl) I mast write cgfx (or glsl) shader with using NV technology for MAYA.
All that I found in Maya example I used in cgfx shader.
but I have problem with count of texcoord (maybe Maya used only 4 as TEXCOORD5 ignore) and alpha test.
If I am written:
AlphaFunc = EQUAL;
AlphaTestEnable = true;

  • all ok bat not work
    AlphaRef = 156;
  • no understand “AlphaRef “

I can’t find information or examples about this.

Maybe easier rewrite it to glsl… When I can find documentation cgfx or examples glsl with alpha test.

Try this:

AlphaFunc = float2(EQUAL,156/255.0);
AlphaTestEnable = true;



its really working.
very big thank you!

can you tell me whan I can get manual about this?

what is the “SampleAlphaToOneEnable” for example? and the like…

These are documented in the latest Cg 1.4 Users Manual:

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