center of the "world"

Does it matter where I put the origin (0,0,0) for making a game? Do people just put the origin in the middle of the world or put it in the lower left hand corner of the world “box” and have everything in the positive quadrant?

Most of the time I put the 0,0,0 where I think the game is going to begin.

this is a question of personal preference. whatever works for your game.


I would center the world around 0,0,0 in order to preserve precision.

However, it should not matter to the graphics engine at all where your world ‘center’ is. The ‘origin’ is 0, 0, 0, but the ‘center’ is just an arbitruary notion. It is no more special than (2, 3.14, 1234). It will depend on where the level designer puts stuff when they lay out the world.