CAVE libraries

Hello glFolks,

Which one is your favorite CAVE library for a PC cluster, using OpenGL on Windows or Linux?

Would you share some of your experiences or feelings?

What APIs are available out there? Sales guys are welcome to give us a heads up on their product by letting us know that their product is available and a website. This would allow for a complete picture of what the possibilities are.



As always: it depends.

OpenSG ( has good cluster capabilities, getting an OpenSG app to drive a Cave is pretty simple and straightforward. It doesn’t have direct support for trackers and other devices, as it’s only a scenegraph.

For devices you can use vrJuggler (, which also has its own cluster support, but on a different technical basis.

Both of those are Open Source, so they cost nothing, but both have companies in the back that can give support if necessary.



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