Casting shadows from wireframe object


Is there anyway to cast shadows from wireframe entities (such as glutWireSphere or simply GL_LINES )on a non planer objects?

I am sure there must few smart guys out there who have already figured it out. Thanks in advance!!


Pretty sure it works out of the box with shadowmap.

cool…thanx ZbuffeR!! Do have any example code or can u please direct me to more elaborate articles on it?


If self-shadowing is not an issue, I suggest you render this to multi-sampled FBO, or more efficiently, to a normal 8-bit texture/FBO with line anti-aliasing.

Actually self shadowing is one of the most important aspect of it :stuck_out_tongue:

I am using shadow volume technique to cast shadows from polygons. Now I also want line entities in my model to cast shadows.

It seems like a very basic problem. there has to be something to deal with it.


just switching to wireframe mode and rendering shadow volumes won’t work i afraid. if a line would consist of two triangles you could extrude them like you do with shadow volumes. basically a quad of two triangles forming a line is then a shadow volume mesh. seems like this is a horrible approach, shadowmaps are way better here.