Carmageddon II --> glide2x? opengl? xp? please help...

ok, we used to have windows ME and carmageddon worked fine on our “matrox mga g200” graphics card, just fine…under the direct 3d. Now we have XP and the game does not works. Somehow I got on this site and I do not know what to do or download. Any suggestions? Thank you very much!!!

Destroying Rose

oh, and btw, I do have the very last driver from the matrox site…5.86 or something like that

I dont think thats an driver issue.

I think the game doesnt like XP so the only thing that comes to mind is the ‘program compatibility wizard’. Check the XP documentation how it works, it basicly emulates an older version of windows for a single application.

thanks, but never mind, it already works (on xp :slight_smile: )