Card supports OpenGL1.5; have OpenGL 2.1 installed

Hi, everyone,

I’m running into a lot of problems trying to run DirectX apps in Linux with Wine. I know the problem lies in my crappy Intel 965 graphic card, which has bad OpenGL support.

My question, however, is the following: Intel’s website says my card supports OpenGL only up to version 1.5, though I have OpenGL 2.1 running in my computer. Could this be a cause of the problems? Would a downgrade in my OpenGL be of any help?

I’m not trying to run any heavy, highly 3D games that require DirectX 10 or something like that. I’m only trying to run a genesis emulator, which require DirectX 7; that is, it’s a quite simple app, and yet it’s not running properly.

I’d really appreciate any help.

P.S.: I know there must be a thousand threads about Intel cards, but my question is quite specific: I just want to know if a downgrade would be of any help, or if it would be useless.

No it would not help, and anyway you can not really “downgrade” GL.

It sounds more like a question to be posed to the Wine project, there may be configuration possible to tune the DX7 -> OGL conversion.

And Gens is a linux Genesis emulator that should work out of the box anyway.

The 965 does support OpenGL 2.1 on Linux (via MESA), it’s just on Windows where you’re stuck with the OpenGL 1.5 drivers.

That I didn’t know. Thanks for the information.

As for the existence of a Linux native genesis emulator, I know that and I use it (it runs perfectly, by the way), but it lacks netplay.

Anyway, I guess I’ll look for this possible DX7 --> OpenGL configuration in wine, but I don’t really count on that. Thanks a lot for the replies!