Capturing openGL animation

Hi, since I have written some programs in shading language, I also want to present them on a pc without the needed hardware. There fore I want to capture the opengl window and make a video of it. Does anyone know good capturing software, to get some good framerates too?

Fraps works well in most cases

and on linux?

If it’s your software then the best way is to record movie yourself - you can record at any FPS and with high-res. Another benefit is that your application can assume that it runs at 25 or 30 fps and update your scene by constant step - this way you can create perfect movies.
Just use some library like FreeImage and every frame get framebuffer contents using glReadPixels and save that to jpeg.
You can then use any software like VirtualDub or NanDub to compress it to a movie.

but is there a fraps clon on linux systems?

i’m an expert with vdub so i will try FreeImage…