Can't use the Inverse Bind Matrix correctly

Hi. When i am doing my animation i take the inverse bind matrix that I am given and multiply it by the animation for the bone, by the bind shape matrix by the vertex by the world view projection matrix. If I use the matrix that I get from the inv_bind_matrix source, the meshControllerMatrix, I don’t get anything in my viewer. However, if I just take the inverse of the bone given by the node specification in the visual scene branch, then I do get animation but it seems to be scaled wrong. instead of staying in place and rotating on the x axis, it swings about a translation in the same general direction but moves all over the place. When I use the inv_bind_matrix though nothing shows up. Can I be missing a step?

Why is it I get animation, albeit skewed when I take the inverse of the node specification for the bone and use it for the inv bind matrix, but nothing when i use the matrix from the controller?

I reexported a new model and its bone times the inverse bind matrix was very close to the identity matrix and now everything works. Don’t know what was wrong with the original

I am writing the section exporter in Matlab and thus can’t leverage the dom C functions easily.