Can't run any OpenGl games -(appcompat.txt) error

Whenever I try to run an OpenGl game I get an XP error which refers to ‘appcompat.txt’, when I try to load it.

The games are Mohaa, MotoGp2 and Serious Sam - They all work if I reinstall them, but after a while I get the error again.

With Mohaa, I get no error, it just does nothing when I try to launch it - I checked the drwatson log and Mohaa is logged as having a c0000005 exception error.

MotoGp2 gets the exception error: c0000090, in the log - and when I try to load it I get the error which refers to ‘appcompat.txt’

With ‘Serious Sam’ I can open the menu, but when I start a game I get the same
‘appcompat.txt’ error, and it exhibits the same behaviour as the other OpenGl
games, in that it works after installation, but not for a long time.

I’ve tried all the latest drivers for my graphics card, and direct X, but it hasn’t helped. I also tried XP service pack 1, and a repair install of XP but I still get the error although the games works for a while after I install them.

I’ve narrowed it down to being an OpenGl problem, because I only get this error with games, and I think I have confirmed that directx games run fine.

My system is an Athlon Xp 2700+, Gigabyte Radeon 9600 pro, Gigabyte GA7NNXP motherboard, 512mb ram etc.
I have the latest Catalyst 3.6 drivers for my video card, and have tried DirectX 9a,9b.
and I’m running windows XP pro.

I would really appreciate any advice, as so far noone has been able to help and I haven’t found this problem by searching the internet.

Thanks, Patrick.