Cant play games

lately i cant play games now. i keep getting messages and games crashes.heres one message i recieved from the PC gangland single player demo
===== Console::Initialize() =====
Compiled Feb 16 2004 14:01:14 (release build)
Renderer found: RendererD3D v. 1.0 (release build)
Renderer found: RendererOGL v. 1.0 (release build)
RendererOGL::GLInitialize(): Using Microsoft Corporation GDI Generic
RendererOGL::GLInitialize(): OpenGL version 1.1.0
RendererOGL::GLInitialize(): Card doesn’t support GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc
Error creating renderer instance

I have an HP pavilion ze4500 notebook(ze4560us)
mobile AMD athlon2500++
512mb(448mb ram)
Radeon IGP 320m 64mb vid card

PLZ HELP Lately other games dont play such as Farcry. and its been saying Open GL issues.

Get the latest drivers from ATI. I don’t know if your card supports GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc.

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