Can't play any game !

Well, I recently d/l the newest driver for my graphic cars which is Nvidia vanta 16mb,
then I installed OpenGL.
well, my problem is that when i try to run any kind of game, from the newest (Max payne) to the oldest (GTA2), game stucks after a very short time of playing !
This problem repeat itself in all games.
Notice that I’m using Windows ME on a celeron 600 machine.
Also notice that before installing OpenGL,
I couldn’t even run games, when I tried doing that I used to get this Blue screen.
Well, I need help here.


I’ve the same problem with MAX Payne. For instance, when you try the training, the moment I start shooting, it crashes. I don’t get it, I have a P3 933Mhz, a GeForce3(With the latest drivers)and 1.3Gb RAM. Btw i’m gonna check if there are MAX Payne forums and check them out. Maybe there are more people with the same problem.