Can't get OpenGL to work on Win95/98/ME

I have two systems identical in hardware and software but opengl has worked on one since win95 but has never worked on the other. Both started as windows 95 and I am now running windows ME. Both now have GeForce 256 cards with latest Detonator 3 drivers installed. I’m so frustrated because I know that unless I can troubleshoot it will never work no matter how many times I install a newer driver or operating system. No OpenGL games work including Homeworld, Half-life, Baldur’s Gate II. Is there anyway for me to debug or get some error text when starting these games. There is no way I am gonna troubleshoot this without knowing what function failed at least. Systems are both Micron XKU-266 Pentium II. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

read the posts in “OpenGL not working with TNT2 M64”. Myabe what I did can help you?

Thanks I’ll try the DVA thing but I doubt that will exist. As for the other suggestions they don’t help me. I’ve installed glsetup countless times and all it does is install an old version of the nvidia drivers. Its just frustrating to have the supposedly the same exact software on two identical hardware platforms and one works and the other doesn’t. I don’t even get told what function fails so I can trouble shoot it by looking at DLL dependencies etc. Isn’t there some test bed that will give you some feedback. Only thing I can think of now is to check the Microsoft component versions glu32.dll and opengl32.dll but how could these be wrong when I just upgraded to Windows ME. I have all the settings on the opengl setting tab of the adapter same as the poster suggested. And the problem sniper had was just based on the memory on the card as the memory was probably just insufficient for zbuffer greater than 600x800.

In Quake 3 youve got an status of what fails in the loading procedure.
I bet youve got an GLW.Choose PFD failure

Please add the

“SiS 6326 8MB AGP”

3D accelerator to openGL

It’s not working on WIN95 so I’m in the right forum

Sorry to say!

I have never heard of anybody got newer open GL applications working with Sis 6326.

The drivers say it will work but it simply doesnt.