Can't get a fixed light source


I have written this code but it first render, it’s not lighted and when I use the right and left keys to rotate the model, then the light source rotates, can someone help me to fix it so I can only rotate my model.

while (!glfwWindowShouldClose(window))

		/* Render here */
		glm::mat4 view = glm::mat4(1.0f); 
		glm::mat4 projection = glm::mat4(1.0f);
		projection = glm::perspective(glm::radians(45.0f), (float)width / (float)heigh, 0.1f, 100.0f);

		view = glm::translate(view, glm::vec3(0.0f, 0.0f, transZ)); //this is for scroll mouse
		view = glm::translate(view, glm::vec3(0.0f, 0.0f, -2.0f));
		view = glm::translate(view, glm::vec3(0.0f, 0.0f, -5.0f));
		int lightColorLoc = glGetUniformLocation(programT, "lightColor");
		glUniformMatrix4fv(lightColorLoc, 1, GL_FALSE, glm::value_ptr(glm::vec3(1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f)));

		int objectColorLoc = glGetUniformLocation(programT, "objectColor");
		glUniformMatrix4fv(objectColorLoc, 1, GL_FALSE, glm::value_ptr(glm::vec3(1.0f, 0.5f, 0.31f)));

		glm::vec3 lightPos(2.0f, 4.0f, 5.0f);
		int lightPosLoc = glGetUniformLocation(programT, "lightPos");
		glUniformMatrix4fv(lightPosLoc, 1, GL_FALSE, glm::value_ptr(lightPos));

		int projectionLocLight = glGetUniformLocation(programT, "projection");
	        glUniformMatrix4fv(projectionLocLight, 1, GL_FALSE, glm::value_ptr(projection));
		glm::mat4 modelLight = glm::mat4(1.0f);
		int modelLocLight = glGetUniformLocation(programT, "model");
		glUniformMatrix4fv(modelLocLight, 1, GL_FALSE, glm::value_ptr(modelLight));

		glm::mat4 viewLight = glm::mat4(1.0f); 
		int viewLocLight = glGetUniformLocation(programT, "view");
		glUniformMatrix4fv(viewLocLight, 1, GL_FALSE, glm::value_ptr(viewLight));

		int viewLoc = glGetUniformLocation(programT, "view");
		glUniformMatrix4fv(viewLoc, 1, GL_FALSE, glm::value_ptr(view));

		int projectionLoc = glGetUniformLocation(programT, "projection");
		glUniformMatrix4fv(projectionLoc, 1, GL_FALSE, glm::value_ptr(projection));

		model = glm::rotate(model, glm::radians(rotX), glm::vec3(1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f));
		model = glm::rotate(model, glm::radians(rotY), glm::vec3(.0f, 1.0f, .0f));
		model = glm::rotate(model, glm::radians(rotZ), glm::vec3(.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f));
		int modelLoc = glGetUniformLocation(programT, "model");
		glUniformMatrix4fv(modelLoc, 1, GL_FALSE, glm::value_ptr(model));


		glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, textureArray[0]);
		glUniform1i(glGetUniformLocation(programT, "ourTexture"), 0);

		glDrawArrays(GL_TRIANGLES, 0,;

		/* Swap front and back buffers */

		/* Poll for and process events */
		glfwSetKeyCallback(window, key_callback);
		glfwSetScrollCallback(window, scroll_callback);
		glfwSetFramebufferSizeCallback(window, framebuffer_size_callback);

and this is the vertex shader:

#version 330 core

layout (location = 0) in vec3 RealPos;
layout (location = 1) in vec3 vertex_color;
layout (location = 2) in vec2 vertex_textcoord;
layout (location = 3) in vec3 RealNor;

out vec3 vs_pos;
out vec3 vs_color;
out vec2 vs_text;
out vec3 normal;
out vec3 FragPos;

uniform mat4 model;
uniform mat4 view;
uniform mat4 projection;

void main()
	vs_pos = RealPos;
	vs_color = vertex_color;
	FragPos = vec3(model * vec4(vs_pos, 1.0));
	gl_Position = projection * view * model * vec4(vs_pos, 1.0);

and this the fragment shader:

#version 330 core

in vec2 vs_text;
in vec3 normal;
in vec3 FragPos;

uniform vec3 lightPos;
out vec4 gl_FragColor;

uniform vec3 objectColor;
uniform vec3 lightColor;

uniform sampler2D ourTexture;

void main()
	vec3 norm = normalize(normal);
	vec3 lightDir = normalize(lightPos - FragPos);
	float ambientStrength = 0.1;
        vec3 ambient = ambientStrength * lightColor;
	float diff = max(dot(norm, lightDir), 0.0);
	vec3 diffuse = diff * lightColor;
	vec3 result = (ambient + diffuse) * objectColor;
	gl_FragColor =  texture(ourTexture, vs_text) * vec4(result,1.0);


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