Can't find glew32.dll with VS 2012?

Recently, I wiped my computer clean and had to re-install everything. However, when I try to include Glew with any project, I receive the message “The program can’t start because glew32.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.” Except glew32.dll IS in the system32 folder, as per the installation instructions. I’ve included “gl\glew.h” and linked in glew32.lib… What am I doing wrong?

Try to copy glew32.dll to folder where your executable is. If this does not helps, then it can be architecture mismatch, e.g. You trying to use 32-bit version of dll with 64-bit program or vice versa.

Sorry for my bad English, but i hope You get the point. Leon.

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