cant create a textured sphere in AGL framework

Well the title says it all, basically I am making a planet in my sky and i want to add an image to a sphere to accomplish that. I am using the AGL framework so GLU commands are usless to me. Is it possible to draw a textured sphere in AGL? If so how? Any other solutions? I seached all over the internet for answers and no avil.
please help!
Thanx in advance!

If you can create a texture triangle in AGL, then you can create a textured sphere. All that is required is generating the points and texture coordinates for the sphere. This is a relatively trivial task using spherical polar coordinates.

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Yeah I was thinking of doing just that, but i have seen people draw a sphere with just 1 line of code in GLU,
glusphere(quadratic, radius, a, b)

was hopeing to find: aglsphere() or something like that.

Thanx for your input though.