Can't compile Nehe's first OpenGl Tut

I’ve tried to compile NeHe’s first OpenGL Tut with VC++ 6.0 I’ve copied a lot directly from the .doc Version.
I’m pretty sure I included everything and got everything linked correctly.
First time I tried to compile, I got around 160 errors.
I managed quickly to reduce this by making all these windows message one line again, but ther are still 58 errors left, I can’t get rid of.

For example:

  DEVMODE dmScreenSettings;	// Device Mode

Error: dmScreenSettings’ : undeclared identifier

Or some Missing " ; " after brackets, also there is one.

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Hey Gaspode,

I did notice that Nehe’s tutorials are rather too complicated for beginners. Here, try this one, by far much easier and better:


Sounds like maybe you’re missing a header. Did you #include <windows.h> BEFORE #include <GL/gl.h>?

If you get compile errors that say something is undefined, and it points to a line where it is trying to use a struct like that, you should find out what header that is in and make sure it’s included.

No offense, but problems like these are simple C/C++ problems. You might want to learn C/C++ better before trying to get into OpenGL.