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Hello, I am a Linux newbie trying to install GLUT 3.7 downloaded off a link on the GLUT page on this site. My system is RedHat 7.3 and nothing has been modified. My problem is no matter what I tried, the shared library can’t be built. I tried to follow the instructions given in README as follows:

  1. Replacing in the glut-3.7 directory with the one in the subdirectory

  2. In glut-3.7/, run the command ./mkmkfiles.imake

  3. Now this is the part that I don’t quite get it: it says something like "Go to glut-3.7/lib/glut and take the copy of Makefile out of the archive and “replace the old one”. What is the “old one” it is referring to? I tried several things in vain, including

a) Replacing the Makefile(s) in glut-3.7/ and in glut-3.7/lib with the one in glut-3.7/lib/glut
b) Replacing the Makefile in glut-3.7/lib/glut with the one in glut-3.7/linux

What I hope is when I type “make” in glut-3.7/lib/glut, the would be built. But it didn’t work in both cases.

Could somebody show me where I did wrong or the correct way to compile the shared library?

Thanks a lot,


I think that it is b) but a lot has changed since then. Do you not have the library already in /usr/lib? If not is it easier to build from the Mesa sources.

Thanks for the suggestion. What I finally did was simply grabbing the rpm at This is lame , so hopefully I will learn how to write a makefile.


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