Cannot pick object using ray casting method

Hi all,
I tried to solve the riddle myself but still cant solve it. Basically i am trying to pick object by casting ray into the scene. I have read a couple of threads in this forum like this one…true#Post279322 but still it aint working for me.
I m using opengl3.3 core profile. I define my own UnProject function as follows,

//invMVP is inverse of MVP matrix
//win[x,y] range from -[win_width/2,win_height/2] to [win_width/2,win_height/2] 
winz is obtained using
glReadPixels( x, height-y, 1, 1, GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT, GL_FLOAT, &winZ );

void UnProject(float winx, float winy, float winz,  float* objXYZ) {
   GLint viewport[4];
   glGetIntegerv(GL_VIEWPORT, viewport);
   M3DVector3f tmp;

   tmp[0] = ((2*winx-viewport[0])/float(viewport[2])) -1;
   tmp[1] = ((2*winy-viewport[1])/float(viewport[3])) -1;
   tmp[2] = 2*winz-1;

After these calls, i generate a ray from the cam position (viewRay.o) in the ray direction. So here is the whole thing can anyone tell me if I am missing something.

int window_x = x - width/2.0;
int window_y = (height - y) - height/2.0;
glReadPixels( x, height-y, 1, 1, GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT, GL_FLOAT, &winZ );
viewRay.d.x = objPt[0]-viewRay.o.x;
viewRay.d.y = objPt[1]-viewRay.o.y;
viewRay.d.z = objPt[2]-viewRay.o.z;

Note that i have checked my winZ values and they are correct.

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You are making life hard for yourself. Inverse projection isn’t really that accurate anyway.


you can use this page, I think it’s very helpful:

Hi all,
I managed to solve the problem. I was not dividing the os coordinates (after multiplication with the inverse MVP) by os.w now it is perfectly fine. I found this wiki page to be helpful. Here is my UnProject code

void UnProject(float winx, float winy, float winz, GLint* viewport, float* objXYZ) {
   M3DVector4f tmp;
   tmp[0] = (2.0f*((winx-viewport[0])/float(viewport[2]))) -1;
   tmp[1] = (2.0f*((winy-viewport[1])/float(viewport[3]))) -1;
   tmp[2] = (2.0f*winz)-1.0;
   tmp[3] = 1.0;