Cannot open include file glload/gll.hpp

I have almost the exact same issue as:

I’ve just started out following alfonse guide, have followed the instructions, have gotten everything to build & have no issues until I goto compile 1st example/framework & I get exact same problem as above thread.

The only reply does not fix the issue. In fact, the most upto date downloaded version of doesn’t even contain gll.hpp or gll.h. So I’m at a loss.

Have done very little OpenGl before but looking at really getting into it.

Running VS2013.
sdk & tutorials built using premake4 vs2012 & then upgraded without issue. This shouldn’t cause any issues & doesn’t explain the missing header.


Managed to fix this after some more mucking around. Posting this here in case anyone else has issue:


#include <glload/gll.hpp>


#include <glload/gl_load.h>

Once you do that it may complain of issue with

		glDebugMessageCallbackARB(DebugFunc, (const void*)15);

If so, change following;

void APIENTRY DebugFunc(GLenum source, GLenum type, GLuint id, GLenum severity, GLsizei length,const GLchar* message, /*add const here*/const GLvoid* userParam) //<<<here add const to last item

And should be good to go.