"cannot open GL/glut.h"

“cannot open GL/glut.h”, is the error I get when attempting to compile V.simple OpenGL apps on my (first edition) G4 350 (PCI), using CodeWarrior5.3 and the full 40Mb download of Apple’s OpenGL SDK.
I can compile the sample Apps that come with the download, but not my own, although I managed to do this around a month ago.
I’ve set the access paths as best as I can (as I’ve found very little info on what the settings should be) and #included the resources etc. too.
Someone’s suggested that I need an AGP video card to fully support OpenGL, but this seems balderdash to me because as I said I managed to compile and run the same code about a month ago with no problems.
I’ve contacted Metrowerks/CodeWarrior support but have been offered no answeres to my problem yet. I’m desperate as I need to code some simple stuff for my Uni course.
I’ve tried re-installing CW and a fresh copy of the OpenGL stuff, but all to no avail.

Could someone maybe give me a step-by-step fool0-proof rundown of what to do to get this to compile once more. Or direct me to some info on the subject that I’ve missed somehow.

Thanks in advance,

(a lowly OpenGL apprentice)

It’s likely that you have not included a path the the GL directory containing the glut.h
header file in your project. I believe it’s under “access paths” in the project settings.

Thank’s wave I have sussed it out now.
What I was doing was using the ‘ADD’ an access path option (in proj settings), this showed a path to the correct lib’s, header and res files, BUT was not in the correct manner.

To get it working I used the ‘change’ option (in proj settings),…from what I can see this is not covered in the CodeWarrior Help files or other documentation.

Metrowerks have rather annoyed me to tell you the truth, it seems a problem in their documentation’s caused me all these troubles and they’ve still not contacted me with any offer of help, further investigation, or simple instructions, even an FAQ…
A real sloppy attitude if you ask me.

Oh well, thanks anyway wave.

(a GL genius [soon])

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