Cannot open file 'LIBC.lib'

Hi, anyone pls help!
I am just starting on OpenGL and my reference book is the “OpenGL SuperBible” of RWright. I tried to build with Visual Studio C++ the first project “Simple” but an error message was reported, "fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file ‘LIBC.lib’.
In MSVC++, LNK1104 could mean ‘not enough space’ (thinking that LIBC.lib was created by the Simple program itself) but I have GBs of free space. I checked all other possible causes suggested by MSVC Dynamic Help tool, but everything were fine.

Hi Sadig,

Your error has nothing to do with OpenGL.

You should ask in the Microsoft newsgroups.

PD: LibC.lib was not created by the program you’re trying to run.