Cannot get openGl 1.3


I have a problem
I am using an old macbook 2009 with bootcamp using windows 7.

When I want to use the game engine to create game for iphone “corona sdk” I got an eror message that said
Corona need open GL 1.3 and you only have 1.1

I try to update my grafic card driver Nvidia Nforce but nothing changed

Strangely when I use the same macbook with the mac system (not windows on bootcamp) corona sdk work perfectly, so I am assuming my grafic card can handle it …

Is there a way to manually install openGL 1.3 on windows or do you know a way to fix this issu?

Thanks a lot for any help

The most probable cause is that you’re using Microsoft’s built-in software OpenGL which only supports version 1.1. You do need to update your video card driver, and NVIDIA drivers are normally very clean in the update process, so you need to give more information on how you tried to update it. Did you try through Windows update or did you go to the NVIDIA website? Did the installer run through all the way? Did it give a “success” message at the end or an error message? If it gave an error message, what did the error message say? Can you run any other OpenGL programs (such as the Extensions Viewer)? If so a second possible cause is that the Corona SDK is initializing OpenGL incorrectly on your system (I have no experience with it so I’m just guessing here).