Cannot find -loclUtil_x86_64

All I had done was copy and pasted the makefile from one of the samples from NVIDIA and tweaked some things to make it work like I did for programs I wrote for practice in CUDA. It gives the error message like in the title of this post. Where can I get this library? Why would I be missing a library when I just installed this thing?


The file liboclUtil_x86_64 should be installed in:

I think you should make changes to your Makefile so your includes and library paths are properly set.

That said, I did not have luck with using liboclUtil_x86_64 directly. I am sure I was doing something wrong, but I copied oclUtils.cpp and oclUtils.h into my source code directory and included it along with source compilation. I however had to spend some time making changes to the Makefile so it did not complain about not finding shrUtils.h.

Hope this helps,

  • Vijay.