cannot compile, entry point

I m a very beginner. I use Windows XP, Borland C++4, I have download the files opengl32.dll/lib, glu32.dll/lib/h, glaux.lib/h, put them in …WINDOWS\system32 …\CBuilder4\lib and …\CBuilder4\Include\Gl.
but when I compiled linker’s errors occure.
I then convert the libaries with coff2omf and now the compilation is OK, but the program crash: unable to find the entry point _glBegin@4 in OPENGL32.dll.


Are you including the .lib files in your project?

If you aren’t just simply put at the top of your main.cpp

#pragma comment(lib, “opengl32.lib”)
#pragma comment(lib, “glu32.lib”)

and it should work.

You shouldn’t download any opengl32.dll. The right one is included in the Windows XP installation, and if you’ve overwritten it with something else, you’ll somehow have to undo that change. That may mean that you have to reinstall your system, unless somebody else comes up with a simpler procedure to restore that file.

If you don’t do anything to your Windows installation, you already have a software implementation of OpenGL. This is an old GL version and it’s quite slow, but it may be enough to get you started.

What you need to get hardware accelerated OpenGL support is just a graphics card driver. What kind of graphics card are you using?

I don’t know whether you need any extra libs for Borland C++ Builder 4.0, or if the proper ones are already included. Were the ones that you downloaded in any way Borland specific?

It works!!! thanks a lot!