Can you verify this chunk address (3ds)?

I am assuming that the chunk address of 4110 is the vertex list in a 3ds file…Can any of you verify that this is true for a 3ds version 4 (not 3 or 3.1) file?

If I have this in my code

ace = fgetc(bin3DS);
ace = (ace | (fgetc(bin3DS) << 8));

if(ace == 0x4110)
cout << “Hooray! found the vertex list”;

From all the documentation I’ve read, the next byte is the total number of vertices of the model. If I read the next byte I never get a corect answer…Perhaps I’m missing something simple here…

Sorry, I know this is more of a C question, but this is all for getting my models in OpenGL. I’ve written an ASE loader and I wanted to do it a harder way like this…


Well, I guess I cant veryify it, but it would be incredibly stupid for Discreet to change the 3ds format. And your only reading a byte for the number of vertices? This would only allow a maximum of 255 verts. You probably need to read a DWORD (4 bytes).

Take a look at this:

nVidia provides a 3ds file reader. Maybe you can extract the information you need.