Can you try my engine?

Hi everybody!
I’m developing a little 3d engine in OpenGl. I’d like you to try it (a few minutes!) and send me some feedback.
My e-mail is

Download page: (3 MB)

These are some functionality:
Portals (Automatic sector generaion from human-placed portals)
Per pixel lighting (GLSL + Blinn + Ambient)
Skeletal Animation (SSE)
Static Lights optimizations (Smallest set of lighted surfaces, optimized zfail shadows)

I think a 3d card with GLSL will be cabable to running the engine.
The map I included in this first realease is very simple (I’m not a very good level-designer!), but
I tried the Engine on VERY large sectorialised maps and framerate is ok.
If you are interested in helping me on map creation (I use GtkRadiant), send me an e-mail!
Thanks to all! Bye!

Impressive, the nVidia 5900XT run correctly
good work :slight_smile:

I am using a Geforce fx 5600 U,
I run it quite well

Log Started
Cannot choose advanced pixel format
Log ended

On Matrix G200 (of course no Vertex/Pixel shader and no T&L). But application don’t tell anythink (at last it don’t crash my machine :slight_smile: )

hmm… no messages in my log files, however t didn’t look like to great (Geforce 5600 FX).

I’m very new to OGL and on your webpage it said something about NEEDED extensions.

Is there something else that must be downloaded and installed?

I’m on Windows XP Home.

Also whats a good resource explaining how extensions work? If you use an extension does it not get compiled automatically in the exe? Do you have to have an updated dll? Do you have to install or build aditional dlls?

ATI Radeon 9600 XT

Log Started: 11.45:6 on 12/30/2004
Cannot start search in Modules Directory!
Cannot do DestroyWindow
Log ended

It had some problems, but you said it was not working on an ATI beforehand.


The extensions, which are supported by your graphics card depend on your graphics card and your driver version.

Try this about using extension and of course try some tutorials from NET(google :slight_smile: