Can you have two different OpenGL drivers installed at the same time?

I installed Baldur’s Gate II recently and a program from the Bioware site that scans your system to see if it is compatible with the game.

When I run this program it always gets stuck at the part where it scans the OpenGL info. It comes up with an error and stops running the program.

I contacted Bioware and they told me I either have two drivers installed at the same time or did not properly uninstall a driver before adding another.

How do I tell if I have this situation and how do I get just one driver on the system.

I have a Geforce2 pro card with 12.41 detonator driver. My system is Windows ME, 850 Mhz Tbird on a MSI k7tpro2a mb with 384 MB ram.

Help me please.

I have posted what I would call a detailed description