Can you get rid of the console box.....

…if you are using VC++ and using GLUT for window handling?

The answer is yes. I remember seeing how to do this on this board a long time ago. It’s not obvious how it’s done and I can’t remember how. But I know it’s possible. Sorry I can’t remember how.

From FAQ.glut that is in the source distro:

A36: Try using the following Microsoft Visual C compiler flags:

  These are linker options... if main or wmain are defined, MSVC
  build a CONSOLE app by default; hence the need for
  expects WinMain or wWinMain to be defined; hence the need to
  /ENTRY:mainCRTStartup (eg the entry point is the usual C main).
  stdout/stderr are [apparently] not "attached"; output via printf
  is simply "eaten" unless redirected at the command-line or by a
  parent program.

Try using the API function, FreeConsole();