can we use OpenVG do image processing?

I want to know that whether we can use openvg do some image processing. for example i capture an image through camera and want to zoom the image or rotate it then display on LCD. :x can we implememt this function use the GPU support openvg1.1 ?

Short answer - yes, you can. All transforms and several filtering modes are available for use in the OpenVG API.

Long Answer: whether a specific vendor’s OpenVG implementation is accelerated by the GPU is up to the vendor (even an API per API basis inside the driver). (this is the same cavaet as in OpenGL, but since OpenVG is a newer and less frequently used API, the odds of running into non-accelerated implementations is higher)

Can anyone give a example code for resizing image using openVG? lets say I have an image of (W * H) and I want to enlarge it to double size: 2 * (WH) or shrink it to half size: 0.5(W*H). Is it possible? A sample code will be really helpful.