Can we download entire OpenMax Library?

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I am very very new to OpenMAX . What I understand till now , it is set of free APIs available as a library for developing any kind of media related software. But after much search on the site , i didn’t get any downloadables. So , anybody please tell me either my understanding is wrong then please give me a clear picture or if not then tell me from where I can download installables or any such kind of file.


OpenMAX IL is a standard. The idea is that people can code an application to use OMX and use components provided by third parties and it should all work. In practice, there are optional parts to the standard and some areas where the exact behaviour is open to interpretation. Khronos provides conformance tests to members in order to aid development of the components and to ease integration work.

There is an open source implementation (known as Bellagio) of a number of components at



But still I am confused . Let me ask one thing , as you replied " The idea is that people can code an application to use OMX…", does it mean I will get some set of APIs or any library from KHRONOS for developing an application. I am putting my question with an example - Suppose I am developing one Media Player with help of Direct Show APIs . So I will get every support from Direct show SDKs. But if I am following OMX standard , will I get any basic set of APIs from anywhere.


The API specification is available to download here:

and there are header files for this API here: …

An API is just the definition of the interface. There are a number of suppliers that can provide implementations of OpenMAX components - these are usually targetted at a particular hardware platform.


Khronos does not provide an SDK, we only specify the API so that different vendors can make interoperable / interchangable implementations. An API is not an implementation, it’s basically just header files without the corresponding function implementations.

As has been said, there is an open source implementation of IL called Bellagio. I would recommend looking at that to see if it meets your needs.



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Now I understand About OMX . I am looking Bellagio Implementation , I will again come if some problem I Will face .
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