can u turn pictures int 3D models if so then how plz answr somebody

hey I just learned abou open gl today and if u can turn a pic ito a 3D model then plz e-mail me at
I am 15 yr old and want to be a game programmer so if u an giveme a tutorial of making a game for beginners then e_mail that plz

thanks, Valley Slayer

no, you can’t turn an image into a 3d model.

for introductory opengl tutorials, go to


Yes you can, the best way is a height map. Use the image as a height map, ie every pixel’s intensity determines the height of a cooroponding vertex on your surface. I have done this and had good results for terrain and faces. The face needs to have good contrast to it, I used a picture of a central/south american face statue to create a 3D model of the statue, but it takes some tweaking on how you take in the info. You can do this all in 3D studio max if you don’t want to make a program.