Can`t execute simple OpenGL prog on my 150 P1 Laptop

I cant execute simple OpenGL and GLUT Apps on my Pentium 150 MHz, with Chips and Technologie Gfxcard and SuSE 7.2 I know, the speed of the Notebook is very low to run GL progs clean, but I only bought the Computer to test my own written opengl codes in my Holydays , not to play with them... speed doesnt matter. I thought that OpenGL can run in Softwaremode with a lot of graphic cards, even cards without 3D support, is that right ??
I don`t know why my Glut Initialization Code ends with only a black screen, and not with some vertices etc. as I wrote it.
The same with some SDL Video Mode, there comes a error message like : Setup video mode failure.
The options for X and the Window resolution should be right, I think. 800x600 and 16bit.
Need some feedback… thanks

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