Can someone with the Service Pack 4 compile a release version of my program, please?

My program is currently working fine when I compile it in debug mode, but when I change to release compilation it crashes in a memory allocation function. I dont have the service pack 4, and some guys in IRC told me that could be the problem. Can some of you make me a favor and compile my code?


Sure, why not, I’ll compile it.

Thx. I already sent a zip with the source!
Thank you!

I have experienced bad things ™ using Visual Studio SP4 as far as my OpenGL programs go… just a word of warning. I actually unistalled Visual Studio yesterday and reinstalled from CD without the service pack so I could continue working.

Hmmm, I have experienced 0 problems so far with SP4. And I already found Anonymous Coward’s problem. It was not related to any particular service pack issue.

Yeah, that error was the problem in my program, thank you very much!