can someone please help?

i’m having trouble with my Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game. I can run it, but it runs slow, and I know what the problem is. I run the game on a sony vaio pcg-frv26. The specs on the system are as follows:

2.8 ghz p4
512 megs ram
Radeon IGP 345M grahics card
40 gig HD

All but the graphics card is supported, and it’s because of an openGL driver that I currently don’t have. I can’t find this driver anywhere and it’s really eating away at my nerves. Can someone please help? The message I keep getting is that the game needs a ‘non-windows generic openGL 1.4.0 driver’ and my system has a 1.3924 WINXP release driver. Is there anything I can do to change this??

The video card is UNSUPPORTED…as in it won’t work no matter how much you fiddle with your computer, software, or drivers.