Can someone help please???

I created an MFC opengl window but when I render it, the toolbar shows garbage in it. i.e. when the application starts, the tooolbar is in place but when I change the size of the window or maximiize/minimize window, the toolbar area becomes garbled with drawing screen garbage… How can I stop this from happening. can someone help

You need to give us some more information in order for us to help you. The following would be useful:

  1. your OpenGL setup code
  2. what class is the OpenGL window derived from?
  3. your video card/drivers/version of Windows.
  4. if you are doing anything special with your OpenGL window in how it interacts with the CToolbar class (for instance, if your toolbar contains buttons/controls that use OpenGL), tell us.

Most importantly, are you resetting your glViewport when you resize the window?