Can someone help me with virtuality?

I Want to create virtual sex throught opengl… so anybody can masturbate on…


develop an interface device which links to ur serial (or any i/o) port. which has 2 or more interchangeable bits.


Which can detect stiffness, heart rate, and moisture. Then its just a matter of configuring it to be better than the real thing.

As most people like different things i suggest adding AI which changes strokes per second depending on stiffness heart rate and time. And learns what the user likes.

now the visual output go to any XXX site and download images lots of them. And display them randomly on the screen.

however there r easier ways. go to any xxx site and rub Mr. Winkle until he spits in ur eye.


Hmmmmm, well…

I’d definately say this has strayed a bit off topic. At any rate, to get an acceptable/pleasing visual experience using OpenGL, you’d have to have either some MAJOR hardware (no pun intended) or very low personal standards. However, considering the posting, you shouldn’t have much trouble as the latter seems to be the case.

if that is the case, you need major hardware to have a pleasing visual experience, then it would seem to me that Open GL would not be applicable for mass use. I feel I may be missing something. If so, does anyone have any ideas?