Can someone clear me up on AUX?

Ok Ive used GLaux and I’ve used GLUT. Which is better? They both seem to work the same. But my problem is compatibility and anyone who uses GLUT programs need to have the glut dll file. Doesnt the GLaux files come standard with windows? and if they do, then why doesnt glut come standard with windows now(I heard it replaced AUX)?

As Far As I Know:
1.The Glut Dlls DO NOT replace anything, that is involved with Glaux.

2.Glut DOES NOT depend on an specific OS,
AUX depends on Windows, I think.

3.Glut is more complex than Aux and has got
more commands.

hope this help.

Absolutelly forget about glAux. Use GLUT which is better by far, more supported, more updated, etc, etc, etc.

Yeah,it - glut.lib - is very good,but you have ship the 151k glut.dll with your app which it is only 7k.


any ideal?